Daniel Maine from Virginia sends his “Balanced Capability” for today’s submission from Everyday Carry.

He writes:

Like many folks my EDC has changed over the years to be balanced for my personal needs and lifestyle. Weight, concealment, comfort, capability and practicality must all be balanced. For the foreseeable future, I think I have found that balance. All these items seem to fit in my regular clothing, fit under a relatively loose T-shirt, give me plenty of capability and utility, allow 21 rounds of 9mm for defense of myself and loved ones and still remains pretty comfortable! Good luck to all in finding what works for you!

There you have it.

A Kahr CM-9 in a Muddy River rig with two spare single-stack 9mm mags in a Ragnarock Leather pouch.  Carried on a “Bigfoot Gun Belts” gun belt.  Gotta love that name.  Bigfoot Gun Belts.

Folder, light, Swiss Army Knife for utility work.  Throw in a lighter and a watch for good measure.  Gee.  Almost perfection.