So a Big Guy sends us his Campus Carry ensemble directly at our TTAG email address.  And you know what?  He’s got a nice set up.

Right off I noticed the CZ-P-07 pistol.  Not exactly the most common gun carried by a long shot, but Alien Gear Shapeshift IWB holster makes a carry rig for it.

He carries an extra mag in one of the new(ish) Neo Mag pocket holsters.  And a Victorinox Spirit multitool and a Spyderco Manix2 folder.

But the most unusual item is the Russian-made Vostok Amphibian Military Russian Diver Watch.  That looks like a conversation starter without a doubt.  Especially as Mr. Big Guy supposedly goes to school somewhere in Georgia.

The only thing missing is a light of some sort.   Because using one’s cell-phone as a tactical flashlight doesn’t work so well.