Geno from New Hampshire sends his “Current EDC since 2017” for comment.  From Everyday Carry.

Geno writes that he’s an office professional, meaning he probably drives a desk.  I can sympathize.

At the same time, he carries a lot of stuff.   A whole lot of stuff.

His carry piece?  A Ruger LCR.  I notice the 8 rounds he has stuffed into a Speed Strip for a reload.  Good deal.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster pistol?  Not so much.

Three knives, including a fixed blade KaBar TDI.  And a laser pointer, and a tactical pen.  For a flashlight, he carries a Klarus XT1A.  I just got mine a week and a half ago and it ROCKS!  Two thumbs up!

I think if he had more ammo, his collection of stuff might outweigh mine.

He writes this of his stuff:

Carrying EDC since 1985 maglite/sak
Carry these dailyCarhartt Cargo Pants
Focus on daily use needs and force options and same all year round carry ie can still open knives I carry with gloves

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