Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle Review

The Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle A First Look

We have been working with the Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle for months and if you haven’t checked out our first look, I have it linked below (full review at the bottom).

.308 vs 6.5CM in the How American Flag Chassis Rifle

My rifle is chambered in .308, I know that 6.5 Creedmore is one of the most popular rounds in the industry. While I am all about the ballistic performance of the round, 6.5 Creedmore isn’t one I stock. The main reason for this is because at 100-500 yards the 6.5 Creedmore isn’t that much more accurate than .308 and let’s face it… .308 is cheaper.

Red White And Grayscale? Specs

There are 2 models that Howa offer. The red white and blue as well as the grayscale American flag.

Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle Specs

Personally, I like the red white and blue because it is eye-catching. Firearms are very much an American pastime and having the flag on your rifle is just fun.

The Scope

The Nikko Stirling Diamond 30mm 4-16×50 Long Range Scope, that comes with this rifle is good for most shooters. I, however, like to have more powerful scopes. Legacy sports imports Nikko Stirling from Australia (made in Japan) and they do make a 6-24×56 scope that is priced really well ($400 USD). I personally would really like to upgrade the scope to the 6-24×56 scope just because of the higher magnification.

The Stock

This isn’t anything special. I really love the Magpul PRS and UBR on my long-range rifles. My problem is that I don’t want to give up the small amount of paint job I have on the stock. I guess we will see.


Well, I think the point of the video is for you to be able to see that.

The rifle shoots better than me. Would I say this is the most accurate rifle I have ever shot? No. This is a $1550 rifle. Will it be accurate enough for most shooters who aren’t in the ultra-long-range game? Yes.

I love the rifle. It looks awesome, it is accurate enough for me (I don’t have the MOA rating on hand) and it comes with everything out the door that you need (scope, bipod, a Bald Eagle to sit on your shoulder as you fire the rifle). Everything a shooter needs.

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