Bob Itajones brings us his “March ’19” lineup from Everyday Carry.

And he boldly(?) leads off with a Beretta 950BS Jetfire .25 Auto. Yes, a .25 Auto carry gun. No matter if you use a FMJ or an XTP hollow-point, you still get about 63 foot-pounds of energy.  More than big enough to slay a bunny rabbit or maybe perform a coup de gras on an injured beaver. Or, as the old joke goes, enough to save oneself from a bear in the woods if hiking with a “friend”.

But it beats a .45 Auto left back home! And the old Beretta does have a classic look about it.

Also in the mix: A well-worn little AAA-cell Ultra Tac K18 flashlight that has a 370 lumen output. Nice. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg, either!  Bob’s also got a Spyderco Stretch V-Toku2 blade.

Carrying a six-pack of AAA batteries everyday seems a little…odd though.