Langdon Tactical’s Enhanced Springfield XD-E 9mm Pistol

As Jeremy’s review detailed, Springfield Armory’s XD-E pistol is a good, concealable, reliable option…particularly if you’re attracted by its DA/SA operation. If you want something a little bit more, Langdon Tactical’s taken the stock XD-E and given it more than just a fluff ‘n buff.

Among other updates, Langdon’s gone to work on the XD-E’s stock trigger, upgraded the sights and given it a low-profile hammer for smooth concealed carry. Here’s their press release . . .

Springfield Armory’s XD-E is the only viable DA/SA single-stack on the market.  Reliability and safety are the two major advantages of this action type, but rarely are they an option in a single-stack 9mm.  Lesser-trained shooters may struggle with learning two trigger modes, but Langdon Tactical has found a way to lessen the learning curve by enhancing the trigger and action.  Introducing the Springfield Armory XD-E Langdon Tactical Edition.

Like the Langdon Tactical Beretta 92s and PX4s, the Langdon Tactical Edition XD-E features greatly enhanced trigger feel and performance without sacrificing safety or reliability.  Improvements made by Langdon Tactical on the Springfield Armory XD-E have also further enhanced Springfield Armory’s Low Effort Slide by reducing effort needed to rack the slide and cock the hammer even further.

The Springfield Armory XD-E upgraded by LTT includes:

LTT XDE Sight Final

  • LTT emblem engraved on Sniper Gray Cerakoted slide
  • LTT Trigger Job with the option of a 12lbs. or 12.7lbs. hammer spring
    • 20% reduction in pull weight with a 12.7 lbs. spring for reliability with US and NATO-spec ammunition.
    • 25% reduction in pull weight with a 12 lbs. spring provides reliability with US-Spec ammunition.
  • New low-profile hammer for better concealment and snag-free draws
  • Two 8- and one 9-round magazine included.
  • Option of two different hammer spring weights.
  • Upgraded Ameriglo CAP Sights.

MSRP: $738

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