The retreat of Walmart from the gun business continues apace. The Arkansas retail giant conspicuously announced that they’d stop selling handgun and AR caliber ammunition in response to a pressure campaign by anti-gun groups following the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

It’s not clear if Walmart is under the misapprehension that they can appease civilian disarmament groups with the move, or if dropping the ammunition sales was just the first step in a gradual strategy to back out of firearm sales altogether, hoping their customers won’t notice.

Whatever the company’s larger strategy, they’ve now decided to end sales of air pistols, too.

Walmart stops air pistol sales

Wally World has sold a wide range of pump and CO2-powered air pistols in their stores and through their web site for years. But that’s about to end.

One of Walmart’s distributors has sent the following email to their customers, a number of whom have pass it on to us.

Since they specify pistols, you’ll apparently still be able to buy a Red Ryder BB gun at Walmart. For now, anyway.

We’ve requested a comment from Walmart’s corporate headquarters on the change, but haven’t yet received a response. We’ll update this post if and when that happens.