Welcome to the Out & About Workday Carry from Everyday Carry.

Matt K, a clinical scientist from Virginia submits this big pile of stuff. In addition to the well-stickered laptop, he has all the fundamentals. Gun? Check. Blade? Check. Light? Check. Reload? Check.

The Eternalight threw me for a loop though. Different, to say the least. They must be durable, because Matt writes of his litmus test for the stuff he carries:

I make it a policy only carry something if it can survive being run over. Everything here has survived a couple years of radiation, bangs, water, and drops and has kept on ticking.

He no doubt carries some firepower. That HK Mk 23 throws out 12+1 rounds of persuasion of the .45 ACP variety. That’s a lot of gun to carry all day every day.

And the lucky coin stands as a nice touch, too.