‘Recess Rally’ Weekend Looms; Antis Will Push for More Restrictions

Snowflake Women Protest Guns Second Amendment Ban‘Recess Rally’ Weekend Looms; Antis Will Push for More Restrictions

U.S.A. –-( Gun control proponents across the country are planning “Recess Rallies” this weekend to press for more Second Amendment restrictions, with protests staged at or near local district offices of U.S. House or Senate members from Maine to Hawaii, and they’ll likely try to capitalize on the shootout in Philadelphia, although it represents what many believe is an example of the dismal failure of gun control laws.

A full schedule can be found here. The Recess Rallies are sponsored by the billionaire-backed Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and its offshoot, Students Demand Action.

For example, in the Pacific Northwest, a rally is slated in Portland, Ore., this Saturday and in Everett, Wash., this Sunday. Regardless of the location, such rallies often bring counter-protests by gun owners in defense of their right to keep and bear arms. Those gun owners provide an opposing view and remind the press that millions of law-abiding armed citizens have harmed nobody, and should not be penalized.

These rallies come on the heels of a report in the Washington Examiner that the House Judiciary Committee will consider new gun restrictions when it meets, according to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD). Democrats have been calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “take up” House legislation, the newspaper reported.

The story noted that Hoyer had insisted that McConnell should ignore the National Rifle Association, asserting that “90-plus percent of Americans” want more gun control. Gun owners consistently complain that they are never included in surveys that reach this stunning statistic, and they view such data with skepticism.

“It takes no courage to put on the Senate floor a bill that is supported by 90-plus percent of Americans,” Hoyer said. “What takes courage is to look special interest groups in the eye and say enough is enough.”

Fine, gun owners contend all over social media; tell elitist-financed gun control groups that they’ve gone too far, they have eroded the Second Amendment enough. It’s time to turn things around they contend and, as Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb has repeatedly observed, “make the Second Amendment great again.”

On their website, the “Recess Rally” sponsors declare, “This August, as the Senate is back home for recess, gun sense activists are keeping the fight close to home by showing up to our senators’ district offices to demand action on passing background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red Flag law.”

However, writing at Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano turns thumbs down on the “red flag” concept, reminding readers that such laws go against the grain of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Only then, he says, can someone be deprived of their rights.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Gun confiscation under 'red flag' laws is unconstitutionalJudge Andrew Napolitano: Gun confiscation under ‘red flag’ laws is unconstitutional

Critics argue that “red flag” laws allow gun seizures without the benefit of trial, based on the presumption that a gun owner poses a threat to himself/herself or others. Long story short, the disarmed citizen, having committed no crime, is still considered guilty until he/she proves their innocence.

“The ‘might happen’ standard of ‘red flag’ laws violates this basic principle,” Napolitano explains. “The same Supreme Court case also reflects the Kentucky long gun lesson. The people are entitled to own and possess the same arms as the government; for the same reason as the colonists did — to fight off tyrants should they seize liberty or property.”

What this weekend’s protestors apparently have chosen to overlook is the potential for abuse by government, which the Bill of Rights is supposed to prevent.

Napolitano offers this warning: “If the government can impair Second Amendment-protected liberties on the basis of what a person might do — as opposed to what a person actually did do — to show that it is doing something in response to a public clamor, then no liberty in America is safe.”

And then he concludes by asking, “Which liberty will the government infringe upon next?”

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