Hoosier James sends us his “Regular vs. Gun Free Days” carry from Everyday Carry.

Ain’t that cute? A keychain gun with a holster! Talk about the perfect gift for the gun person with a sense of humor.  Of course, speaking of humor, or lack thereof, I have no doubt the TSA would have no sense of humor about it.

For the regular days, he carries a SIG P229 with a Streamlight weapon mounted light. In a world where so many “tactical” lamps put out enough light to signal the Space Station, it’s nice to see someone who goes old school with a light more than bright enough to blind a bad guy but not bright enough to illuminate an entire room (and you, the good guy) as well.

We just had a story about weapon mounted lights. I’m agnostic on them. I think they have a better application in my world on a long gun than a handgun, but that’s me.  What are your thoughts?  Put them in comments.

Thanks again from Everyday Carry for sending these to us.