James, a Customer Service gent from Hoosierland sends this “rEvolving EDC” from Everyday Carry.

He writes:

These are the items I carry most. The knife and gun changes on my mode and what I’m doing on any particular day.

I’ll let you see if that’s a beard comb or a hair comb – and what’s in that pouch.  Hint: it’s not an insulin pump.

The Sig P229 with the tactical light serves its purpose.  Along with the S&W tactical pen.

Let’s talk tactical pens.  I used to think they were a silly accessory, but since I got one last summer as a gift, I carry that thing everyday and not a day goes by I don’t use it (to write with).

“Anyone got a pen?” someone will ask.  Like my wife’s maternal fetal medicine doc, my pulmonologist or a lawyer friend…  I hand them that pen and they sort of half-shake it and appreciate its heft. And then the see how well it writes. Soon comes the inevitable compliment, “nice pen!”

It doesn’t bend or break in your pocket and it’s big and heavy enough that you don’t send it through the washing machine and have it trash your clothes.

Sorry for the digression. Anyone else here carry a tactical pen?