Kyle Stevens loves his Trident gum and Aqua de Parma cologne spray as part of his “Some Days EDC” brought to us by Everyday Carry.

Clearly, Kyle must live the bachelor life. I mean, who else carries a bottle of smell-good on their person?  Unless he bathes once a month whether he needs it or not. Honestly, I thought it was nail polish when I first saw the photo. This post was set to head an entirely different direction, trust me.

Nice Kimber pistol, though. And the corkscrew to open a bottle of fine wine.  Because no self-respecting man would ever be without a means to open a bottle of fine wine when TEOTWAWKI happens, right?  Or when trying to make the mood right with a pretty woman…  Me, I was lucky back in my bachelor days as the wine I bought usually came with a screw cap.

Kyle’s a little lot short of details on the objects in his pockets.  I sort of like the skeletonized blade, but don’t know the brand or model.  Ditto for his corkscrew contraption.  Or watch.   Maybe POTG can help on any or all of the above!