The HVAC Contractor’s Load-Out: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Conrad Carter, a Seattle HVAC contractor, sends his HVAC Technician’s Carry load-out, via Everyday Carry.

Mr. Carter, 56, has this to say about his stuff:

Tools, all, tested and suitable for their tasks. The Mission Go Bag is a super durable tool bag that looks at home in Commercial properties. I prefer the E1B’s (one rides in a Raven Concealment holster) because the Lumins are enough, and they do not white out schematics in crawls and attics where rats can be as big as cats and rattle snakes like to hide. The pug is good medicine in SO Tech’s tourniquet pouch; and the knife holds an edge – prying has not hurt it. In a world where pens last less than a year the only one that holds a candle to this 5 year old Surefire EWP-02 is the Shaker. Smaller phones are better. The wallet is an adaptation of a cartridge dump pouch, it holds half a dozen credit cards, and greenbacks by friction.

Frankly, if I ever encountered a rat as big as a cat, that little North American Arms “Pug” .22 Magnum probably wouldn’t feel all that comforting.  Yeah, it beats a sharp stick.  But I like options, and that’s why my safe has things besides sharp sticks inside.  Mr. Carter calls the pistol “good medicine.”  That’s the first time I’ve heard that line.

Yeah, cat-sized rats?  Ewww!  A couple of years ago, I confronted a pregnant raccoon that looked about 25 pounds in size in my backyard.  She hissed at me from about four feet away at roughly the height of my head.  Yes, situational awareness fail.  Epic fail.

I broomed (with a stout commercial push broom) the beastie away from the squirrel feeder filled with peanuts (go figure), then chased her around the house (literally) before she finally stood her ground then charged me back.  My wife about peed herself laughing so hard when I screamed like a little schoolgirl and retreated.  Lucky for Mrs. Raccoon we didn’t live out in the country.  And I was glad I had a GLOCK on my hip, and not a .22 snubnose.  Your mileage may vary.

I count three flashlights, two pens (A Sure Fire EWP-02 and a Tactile Turn Shaker) and a pair of Wiley X sunglasses that got cropped out (see here).

I like how his stuff is very incognito, at least when it comes to the gun.

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