First off, I like that Brazil’s new president (their version of Donald Trump!) has worked to liberalize that nation’s laws on civilian ownership and carry.  It’s about time.  After all, Mexican-style gun control leads not to a violence-free utopia, but instead a complete slaughter.

And today, from Vinicius, a “logistics technician” in Brazil, we have something titled “Urban Survival.“

Nice.  Nice.  Nice.

He builds on a GLOCK 25.  Yes, a G25.  Not a typo.  .380 Auto caliber.  (Do want!)  With two spare mags of unknown capacity, but obviously he’s got his share of love to share with bad boys.  And a spare gun too!

The Beretta 950 .25 Auto (do not want).  With a spare mag for that.  Jesus.  Is this guy a one-man squad?

With a pair of hand-made (allegedly) holsters.  I write allegedly because those look like very high-quality and marginally complex kydex rigs to make in one’s garage (or kitchen).

Throw in a made in China S&W blade, a better LED Lenser light and a Leatherman multitool, he’s got what he needs.

Well, except for the wallet, phone and keys.