Deangelo J Vickers sends his pocked dump to us entitled, “Wearing Black.”  Courtesy of the good folks at Everyday Carry.

Deangelo describes himself as working “public safety.”  His carry choice?  A Taurus G2C.  Holster unknown.

Now I have had plenty of harsh things to write and say about Taurus’ semi-autos in the past, but this G2C have restored at least a smidgen of respect for their semi-autos.  I’ve seen the G2Cs on sale for under $185 here in Illinois, and they have a decent trigger.  About as good as a factory GLOCK.  Unless the couple of specimens I’ve played with are exceptional, this little gun might just make very affordable semi-auto for the budget-conscious consumer.  Assuming it runs reliably, of course.  Maybe others who have these or even Deangelo can chime in below in comments…

What else does Mr. Vickers carry?  A Trayvax Axis wallet.  I clicked through to learn more.  It sells on Amazon for (gulp!) $499.  Wait a minute?  Vickers carries a wallet that cost twice as much as his gun?

The Spyderco Tenacious blade is fairly middle of the road on folders.  Not Chinese junk, but not in the $500 wallet category either.  And then there’s the Inova T1 flashlight.

I still can’t get over the $500 wallet.  Wow.   Far too rich for my mere mortal blood.